WUSC has been active in Vietnam for 20 years. As one of the fastest growing economies in the world; continued, sustainable growth is critical for Vietnam’s development. However, Vietnam's education and training institutions are struggling to meet the demands of the growing labour market.  WUSC’s strategy in Vietnam targets better training, teaching and more relevant curricula so youth are better prepared to enter the modern job market.

Our Impact: 

WUSC Vietnam works to build the capacity of community colleges and vocational schools. . As a result, staff members at these institutions are able to offer high-quality programs and deliver relevant training to their students. Through improved training targeted towards the labour market of Vietnam’s modern economy, Vietnamese youth are able to secure employment.

Canadian volunteers with Uniterra and Students Without Borders™ are contributing to the improvement of quality skills training offered by Vietnamese in universities and colleges. Volunteers help youth learn new skills to find employment in various areas including environment, tourism, education, and community development.  All volunteers work alongside local partners to ensure programs are sustainable and integrated into the community.

WUSC opened the Canadian Learning and Information Company in 2004. CLiC which provides management and administrative expertise to support development projects in the country. Currently, CLiC is managing CIDA’s Field Support Services.

What We're Learning: 

Building local capacity: WUSC understsands the value and importance of building local capacity. To do this, WUSC works alongside  partners including the government and educational institutions to share knowledge and skills. . With sectoral expertise in the post-secondary education and training programs for youth, and with strong management and administrative ability to plan and delivery aid programs in Vietnam, WUSC is able to help Vietnam meet its development and poverty-alleviation strategies.

Value of Volunteers: By placing hundreds of volunteers, advisors and experts with post-secondary institutions in Vietnam, community college and vocational training administrators and staff are continuously building their skills and creating better educational programs for youth.

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