International Student Management

Helping international students succeed academically in Canada

Strong leaders are required to contribute to the development of a country. Each year, a handful of bright and talented Batswana students are given a unique opportunity to pursue their education in a Canadian university or college. The goal is to develop specific skills that will enable them to secure jobs in the public and private sectors in Botswana and contribute to the country’s development. Living and studying in Canada can provide these students with a wealth of knowledge and new experiences to bring back to their home country. However, it can also be difficult adapting to a new country without any support. That’s where the International Student Management team comes in.

What We're Doing: 

WUSC's International Student Management provides opportunities for international students in developing countries by:

  • identifying and making applications on behalf of international candidates to between two and five academic institutions for placement for each student; 
  • managing the scholarships for students from the developing country (currently Botswana);
  • organizing an orientation before school starts, which allows them to acquaint themselves with other Batswana students and provides them with an introduction to Canadian life and university/college studies;
  • providing Homestay Host families so the students can live with them until school begins;
  • providing financial and academic monitoring throughout their university career;
  • providing reintegration workshops before returning back to their home country.
What We're Learning: 

WUSC’s extensive experience and high-quality international scholarship-management services contribute to high academic success rates for graduates. In fact, nearly 92% of students complete their education successfully and return to their country of origin to start professional lives. These graduates contribute to the development needs of their home country.

ISM continues introducing changes to improve administration of the scholarship program. We strive to establish effective processes, provide accessible and relevant resources, and strengthen our monitoring, reporting and allowance administration practices.


WUSC has been managing international scholarship programs for 30 years. WUSC assists governments from developing countries by placing international students in Canadian universities to learn and develop specific skills.

WUSC has provided scholarship management services to international students from a wide range of countries, including Argentina, Bhutan, Botswana, Caribbean nations, China, Indonesia, Jordan, Malawi and Uruguay.

Since 1981, WUSC has been present in Botswana assisting the Botswana Ministry of Education in administering scholarship and placing Batswana students in post-secondary institutions in Canada.

WUSC’s Scholarship Management Services team offers a full range of professional services and is able to respond to each client’s unique needs.  Each year, WUSC monitors and supports more than two hundred international students at all levels of post-secondary study in Canadian institutions across the country.

These graduates then secure jobs in the public and private sectors at home and contribute to the country’s development.

WUSC administers Bachelors, Masters, PhD, certificate, short-term training and other programs for scholars and other key professionals in government and civil society.  Candidates for study in Canada are selected based on the work force needs identified by their government for their country.  ISM identifies appropriate programs and places students. 

Homestay Host: 

Become a Homestay Host and extend a warm welcome to international students! You can assist students from developing countries who are coming to study at Canadian universities or colleges. Help them adjust to living in Canada as a WUSC Homestay Host. Find out more!



WUSC's Botswana Student Programs under International Student Management are fully funded by the Government of Botswana and partnered with the Botswana Ministry of Education and Botswana’s Department of Local Government Service Management. WUSC’s International Student Management division also receives funding from Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) for the Local Leadership for Development Project in partnership with Cowater International.

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