Economic Empowerment for Plantation Women in Sri Lanka

Women and youth represent the majority of the 2.5 billion people who are financially excluded.  They are unable to have access to open bank accounts or apply for credit, loans or other financial services.

For tea pluckers and women living in and around the plantations, social and cultural isolation combined with structural barriers put them at greater risk of being left behind. 

Even with recent wage increases, women and youth still have no means to access savings, monthly budgeting or long term planning to achieve their families’ financial goals.

What We're Doing: 

In January 2013, WUSC and Sewalanka Foundation initiated SEEW to focus on the economic empowerment of women living in the tea plantations through improving financial literacy, leadership and entrepreneurship abilities.

Using street theatre to raise awareness, the project will be working with more than 500 women to increase savings and promote entrepreneurship among the women on the estates. 


WUSC has been working with plantation communities in the country since 2000 helping to improve the quality of life for plantation workers and their families. Learn more about WUSC’s Plantation Communities Project.


Thank you to our donors.

Supporting Economic Empowerment of Women (SEEW) is funded by The British Asian Trust through a generous donation by Lycamobile.

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