Volunteerism is about donating one’s time and energy for the benefit of other people as a social responsibility rather than for any financial reward.  Volunteers play a significant role in creating a better world. While volunteers support a variety of causes in many different ways both locally and abroad, few approaches focus on long term development.

WUSC’s “volunteer for development” approach is one that focuses on matching a volunteer’s professional and personal skills with a developing country partner organization that is in a process of building its capacity to play a more effective development role in its own community.  

We believe that the energy and expertise of volunteers are a powerful and far reaching way of tackling development challenges. By mobilizing Canadian professionals and students as volunteers both in Canada and abroad, we are ensuring that they become part of the solution to critical global issues.

WUSC mobilizes volunteers by: 

Take action on your campus, welcome a refugee student, volunteer overseas, or get involved in your community to raise awareness through various campaigns in support of development projects. 

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