Engaging Canadians

Many Canadians feel compelled to take action about the inequities that persist in the world. Some are interested in volunteering in their communities, in their workplace, while others are willing to devote their time and skills directly in a developing country.

For the volunteer, it’s a chance to make a real difference and gain a greater understanding of international development issues. For the local organization, it’s an opportunity to benefit from the volunteer’s skills and knowledge to maximize the positive impact of its development initiatives.

WUSC provides a variety of platforms through which Canadians can get involved:

  • volunteering in their community through a variety of global development campaigns;
  • volunteering overseas through Uniterra, a volunteer sending program jointly delivered through WUSC and CECI which provides individuals and organizations with an opportunity to share their knowledge and skills directly with local organizations in 12 developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Uniterra programs also include Leave for Change® and Student Without Borders;
  • volunteering in Haiti to train and support Haitian organizations in improving the services and programs in the areas of governance, education and economic development.