Education is a transformative tool for empowering individuals, strengthening communities and promoting sustainable development. To have effect, we must ensure that all people have access to quality, relevant education that is supported by a strong enabling environment.

Nearly 70 million children are out of school, many of whom are girls, refugees or people are living in conflict-affected areas. As well, education systems struggle to offer quality education that meets the needs of learners, often because of a lack of trained teachers, and ineffective governance and management of education.

WUSC understands that investments in education are fundamental to achieving sustainable development. We believe all peoples are entitled to the knowledge and skills necessary to build strong and healthy communities. WUSC continues, after six decades, to help balance inequities and promote sustainable development through education and training. 

Together with professionals and volunteers who share and exchange knowledge and experiences with local organizations across the world, WUSC works towards:

Education provides the hope for a better future and equips young people with the tools to make it happen. Help us empower people and build stronger communities around the world. 

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